Alinda TV Unit White - Ider Furniture
Alinda TV Unit White - Ider Furniture
Product Width Height Depth
Alinda Tv Stand White 200 cm 53 cm  46 cm
Alinda Tv Unit Upper Shelf White 158 cm 26 cm  25 cm
Alinda Tv Unit Covered Block White 38 cm 98 cm  27 cm


Included 1 TV stand, 1 upper shelf, 1 cover block
Tv Stand Top Table: 18mm chipboard
Body: 1st quality 18mm chipboard
Drawer: Chrome plated handle, hidden drawer leg
Foot: Plastic leg
Upper Modules Tv Unit Covered Block
Body: 1st quality 18mm chipboard, 6mm chipboard back panel
Cover: Particleboard, classic hinge
Additional Information: Bronze plated over mdf profile

Tv Unit Top Shelf
Body: 1st quality 18mm particle board, 6mm particleboard back panel
Style Modern
Color White

Alinda TV unit carries the warmth and sincerity of wood to the most used areas of your home. Innovative and stylish designs of İder Furniture add life to your home. In the team content; There is a TV stand, a cover block and an upper shelf. You can choose Alinda TV unit to make the most efficient and stylish use of the TV section of your home. With its extraordinary and attractive design approach, Alinda television unit interprets the modern design concept with İder style and quality. You can visit İder Furniture stores to review and purchase the product.

Alinda TV Unit White

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