Dolce Dining Room Set - Ider Furniture
Dolce Dining Room Set - Ider Furniture
Dolce Dining Room Set - Ider Furniture
Dolce Dining Room Set - Ider Furniture
Product Width Height Depth
Dolce Dining Table 170 cm 76 cm 95 cm
Dolce Dining Chair 4x 0 cm 0 cm 0 cm
Dolce Sideboard 220 cm 82 cm 49 cm
Dolce Sideboard Mirror 90 cm 90 cm 4 cm


The Dolce Dining set is a smooth, stylish design for those with an exquisite and expensive taste. This set features a dining table with a heavyset top that is effortlessly extendable, paired with 4 beautifully quilted velvet-touch upholstery, as well as a stunning marble-top sideboard with a complementary mirror to frame above. This model is carefully handcrafted with a walnut finish and stainless steel detailing to magnify the edges of its design. To soften the strong mahogany finish of the dining table, the beautiful upholstery comes in a beige shade, with the option to customise to our wide range of colours that fit the theme of your interior.



Contents 1x Dining Table, 4x Dining Chairs, 1x Sideboard, 1x Sideboard Mirror
Dining Table Top Table: 18mm chipboard
Function: Opening 40cm distance mechanism
Feet: 25mm chipboard, chrome plated pvc tape
Chair Fabric. Knitted
Feet: Turned wooden feet
Sideboard Body: 18mm chipboard, with lid and drawer
Sideboard Mirror Bottom Table: 18mm chipboard
Mirror: 4mm flotal (not tarnish) mirror
Style Modern
Colour Wooden




Dolce Dining Room Set

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