Mithra Storage Bed - Ider Furniture
Mithra Storage Bed - Ider Furniture
Product Width Height Depth
Mithra Storage Bed 200 cm 120 cm 214 cm



The softness of the suede texture in the most modern form of the bed is brought to your home with the Mithra Storage Bed!
Double sizes of the Mithra Storage Bed offer you a comfortable sleep. At the same time, thanks to the hidden area at the bottom, it creates extra space for your belongings and contributes to the order in your home. The symmetrical patterns on the headboard, specially designed for you by Ider Furniture, assume the complementary role of the modern look in your bedroom, and impress those who see it, and offer you a comfortable use. You can access this marvel of design bedstead set on our page and have a safe and fast shopping.

Mithra Storage Bed

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