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Mithra Bedside Table 64 cm 53 cm 48 cm


Mithra Bedside Table, which you can use in every area, attracts all the attention thanks to its modern appearance!
Bringing simplicity and elegance, Mithra Bedside Table easily blends in with all other furniture and accessories in your home. While the symmetrical design on it creates a much more modern atmosphere, it also provides you with ease of use. Mithra Bedside Table, which has a single drawer, is very useful and useful for storing your personal belongings together. In addition to all these, this unique Mithra Komodin is covered by the 2-year warranty of Ider Furniture. Produced from first class quality chipboard material, this unique design offers you the opportunity to use for many years. If you want to own the Mithra Bedside Table, which is presented to you by combining its different features and quality appearance, you can easily complete your shopping on our page.

Mithra Bedside Table

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