Mithra Sliding Wardrobe - Ider Furniture
Mithra Sliding Wardrobe - Ider Furniture
Mithra Sliding Wardrobe - Ider Furniture
Product Width Height Depth
Mithra Sliding Wardrobe 251 cm 225 cm  69 cm


The unique design of the Mithra Sliding Wardrobe model with its large interior volume creates comfort in your living space!
Thanks to its design that can be used in rooms of any style, its bright and modern appearance, it easily harmonizes with the furniture in the room. With the multiple shelves inside, you can provide the necessary order for your belongings in the fastest way possible. In addition, thanks to the two drawers in Mithra Sliding Wardrobe, it is possible to create different usage areas for yourself. The first quality chipboard material of its sliding cover offers you a long service life. Thanks to its unique design, it fits perfectly with other furniture and accessories in your home. The full length mirror on the sliding cover creates a wide view in the area of ​​use, while allowing you to spend more time with yourself. You can have the Mithra Sliding Wardrobe model, which is both useful and wonderful in design, on our Ider Furniture page.

Mithra Sliding Wardrobe

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