Ider Furniture bed models; It improves your sleep quality with its products using different and new generation technologies. Designed with a focus on high comfort to get rid of the feeling of fatigue you experience all day long, the beds meet all your needs with double and single bed options. Visco Care model is an ideal choice for those suffering from waist discomfort with its fabric produced from special yarns. Balance, produced with HR filling sponge, provides comfort for your spine when using double beds, and offers long-term use with its high quality technology. Models offering options in different sizes also facilitate the cleaning process thanks to their dirt-repellent features.

In cotton, polyester and different fabrics; Visco and orthopedic bed models are preferred with their high comfort and antibacterial properties. Fabrics with high air permeability keep your body temperature balanced during sleep and offer comfortable use in all seasons. Thus, you can recover the energy you lost during the day. Bamboo fabric beds allow you to have a cool and comfortable sleep. Comfort and affordable bed prices are combined at İder Furniture. Models in different sizes for all sizes meet years of experience and innovative technologies. In our bedroom category, you can find dozens of different models suitable for your needs, and you can easily find the most suitable bed for you with special offers.