Carpets; It is among the most basic elements that ensure the decoration integrity of the areas where it is used. Making the right choice is a very important detail in order to fully reflect the integrity of home decoration. In addition to color options such as black, blue, lilac, gray and white, you can bring carpet models of different sizes and sizes to your homes with the quality of Ider Furniture.

You can choose your own style without straining your budget thanks to the types of carpets you can use in four seasons, make a difference in your homes, catch the unique harmony with your sofa sets and living room decoration. Carpet models that you can choose with peace of mind in large or small rooms are stylish and have different sizes. Models that increase the quality of the environment with their varieties called modern carpet, manage to appeal to every style with different color alternatives.

With stylish and aesthetic product types 28 stores located in Turkey and abroad Ider Furniture, decoration of your home with each other ambitious design it is among the most striking details. You can have detailed information about carpet prices by visiting the nearest Ider Furniture Store. After choosing the most suitable carpet model for your style, you can buy it and give your home a completely different atmosphere.