Chest of Drawers

Dressers, which are indispensable furniture of bedrooms, adapt to every bedroom with their different designs. Combining quality materials and flawless workmanship, Ider Furniture models provide the opportunity to use without damage for many years with their ergonomic structures.

Mirrored dresser models can be easily used as a make-up table thanks to the mirror details in different designs. You can also store your make-up materials in dresser models with 3 or 4 drawers. İder Furniture, which has created designs that make our lives easier, offers practical use and elegance together. You can design spacious and large bedrooms with the models you choose. Minimal models in simple tones for small bedrooms; For larger rooms, you can find designs in large and bold colors. Dressers with compartments are an ideal option for storing your jewelry and accessories. There are criteria you should pay attention to when choosing these furniture, which has problems especially in sliding places. Anti-scratch surface, carrying capacity of drawers and rail qualities are factors affecting usage. İder Furniture offers first quality materials together with beautiful designs. You can use products with stylish designs for many years without being damaged, even in intensive use. You can make your choice right away to reach the dresser models suitable for your bedroom without any problems.