Pouffe & Footstools

Add to the details of your living space with our modern design pouffe and footstools that draws focus to each of its own unique styles which are highly requested by those who love vibrancy in their living spaces and do not want to compromise on comfort. Movable, stylish and comfortable poufs are the first among the furniture types that should be found in homes that have adopted the modern style. Creating friendly and stylish environments is now easy with the models designed by Ider Furniture. Its rich and stylish looks stand out as a fine detail that should be considered in home decoration as well as comfort.

With pouffe models with round, square and different geometric shapes, you will not compromise your comfort and convenience while reading a book, watching TV series or movies. You can also consider models of different widths and sizes as a coffee table and make a difference in home decoration. With Ider Furniture, it is now very easy to enliven and color your favorite corners of your home. You can easily carry the comfortable and functional pouf types to every corner of your home. The models preferred in offices as well as homes allow employees to spend more productive hours.