Offering simple and stylish designs together, Ider Furniture makes eye-catching touches to bedrooms with headboard models. You can get a set headboard with the bed, or you can personalize your bedroom decoration by choosing a model that suits your taste.

A healthy sleep passes through a comfortably furnished bedroom. You can enjoy this comfort by choosing models in plain and light tones with designs that do not tire the eyes. Instead of simplicity, classical style furniture is preferred by many people. For a more flamboyant look, there are also knitted and dark colored base head models. Ider Furniture aims to offer the most compatible option with bed base models with a large number of products made of different materials.

It is possible to find double or single bed base headboards in different heights suitable for your bedroom. Knitted, suede or woven fabric alternatives; meets with cream, white, brown, burgundy and many other shades. The 28 DNS density sponge used in the headboards reduces deformation. In İder Furniture, where modern and classical designs meet quality, you can find the model you want and buy it easily.