Howling Wolf Metal Wall Art Decor - Ider Furniture


Height: 60 cm

Cover your walls with this stunning décor of the legendary wolf! Wolves are a symbol of loyalty, strong ties, and intelligence; adding this to your interior is an artistic message to us to take control over our lives and lead as a free spirit to live accordingly on our own terms. Wolf metal wall art is essentially inspired by its own nature.

Beautifully crafted from 3mm mild steel that is bead blasted to give the item's surface a satin finish, then coated in a textured black powder coat to prevent oxidising. Item is robust yet light making it easily manageable.

🐺 Easy hanging with backside hanger
🐺 Quality Lightweight material
🐺 Finished with Textured Static powder coating
🐺 Dispatched from the UK with Free Delivery in 1-3 Business
🐺 2 mm thick matte-black metal
🐺 Modern and industrial design

Howling Wolf Metal Wall Art Decor

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