Mithra Dining Chair - Ider Furniture
Mithra Dining Chair - Ider Furniture
Product Width Height Depth
Mithra Dining Chair 56 cm 92 cm 52 cm


Mithra Chair, where comfort and elegance meet, is presented to you with its unique design!
The softness of the suede used in the Mithra Chair provides a different and modern look. With its symmetrical design, the sports elegance given by its metal legs easily harmonizes with other furniture and accessories in your home, helping your home to have a much different atmosphere. Mithra Chair, which is offered to you by İder Furniture with a 2-year warranty, offers you a much longer lifetime thanks to materials of first class quality. If you want to have these designer chairs that you can combine with different colors and enjoy the comfort, you can easily access the products and shop from our page or our stores.

Mithra Dining Chair

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