Mithra Sideboard - Ider Furniture
Product Width Height Depth
Mithra Sideboard 205 cm 78 cm 48 cm


If you want to create a modern and eye-catching look in your home, Mithra Console is just for you!
The mirrored appearance used in Mithra Console top design and cover design helps to make every area you use in your home look much wider and more spacious. At the same time, its remarkable and stylish appearance makes it easy for your home to blend in with other furniture and accessories. In addition to all these, the drawers on it ensure that the items in your home can be stored neatly. Mithra Console, produced by İder Furniture for you from first class quality materials, is guaranteed for 2 years. If you want to amaze those who see it and use it easily with this console with beautiful features, you can purchase the product on our page and complete your shopping.

Mithra Sideboard

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